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About Sceptre

 Sceptre Towels was founded in early 2017 in Orange County, California. The company was created to infuse products which athletes use daily, with innovative features that provide the best possible experience. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen. Try one of our revolutionary towels today. Get dry, stay cool  and keep it fresh! 

About Us


Perfect beach experiences require really great gear. In between riding waves and relaxing on the beach, it's great to know you've got the best performing towel on the planet! Sceptre Towels are optimized for the ultimate days on the surf and sand. These Beach Towels are made from 100% recycled, anti-microbial Sceptalon. Minimal lightweight packability to fit easily in your day pack or tote bags. They are engineered to provide more Fun and Function, so you can finally kick that mildewy smell of a wet towel down the road! Get dry and keep it fresh! 

Cooling Towels

Our Cooling Towels are available in 6 sublimated, high-definition graphics. These Cooling Towels are made for high intensity, sweat producing activities. Their porous weaves retain cold water, keeping them cool for hours. Great for hikes, long distance bike rides, runs, or even hot desert music festivals! Just soak the cooling towel with water, wring out excess and stretch snap to activate. Wrap it around your neck or over shoulders and you’ll immediately feel the invigorating effect. The towel instantly cools your body temperature when wet and the Swiss engineered design keeps cool for up to 2 hours 

Gym Towels

THE SCEPTRE  MISSION: "To elevate the experience of athletes, whether their passions lie in the sea or on land, through our technical and innovative products. Get dry, stay cool  and keep it fresh!" 


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